Business Builds Sherwood Park & Strathcona County…
Join the Sherwood Park Chamber Team!

Successful, leading-edge communities that provide a high quality of life for residents do not happen by accident; rather they are a result of careful planning and hard work. The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce strategic plan is designed to guide the Chamber’s work and activities toward our mission:

To improve the economic, industrial and civic life of the community through the development and promotion of free enterprise.

To what benchmark will we measure our success?

A Growing, Prosperous Community:

  • Continued business investment is the only vehicle of private sector job creation. Without business investment, there can be no job creation for our youth.
  • Business and industry are efficient tax generators for our municipality and provide substantial revenue for the county, library, and school systems, which are to the benefit of all residents and properties.
  • We are business-friendly community with a prosperous, well-educated population…all of which makes Strathcona County a great place to invest and establish a business.

How will the Chamber achieve Success? We will…

Promote our Community as a Great Place to Visit, Live, Work, Shop, Play and Invest. We have a bright economic future and a fantastic sense of community. Sherwood Park boasts all of the amenities of a large, dynamic, cosmopolitan city, while retaining the hospitality and safety of a small town. The unique blend of an urban centre next to the relaxed country setting in Strathcona County offers a quality of life second to none.

Celebrate the Success and Achievements of Business. Our business community features dynamic entrepreneurs that are proud to call Strathcona County home as well as Canada’s largest industrial manufacturers who effectively compete on world markets. We feature Canada’s largest oil refinery capacity by production, North America’s third largest petrochemical complex, and lead Alberta in the highest value of manufactured goods.

Communicate to the public and others the vital role that continued business investment plays in sustaining and creating wealth & opportunity for all residents of our community. Just as an organization cannot stand still, our community needs continued investment in order to maintain & grow our collective economic future.

Speak in a positive, but yet forthright manner on business issues for positive, incremental change at the local, regional, provincial & federal levels. A key opportunity to build on and enhance the Sherwood Park Chamber’s sphere of influence, profile and voice is to actively work in conjunction with the Alberta & Canadian Chambers of Commerce.

Focus our Resources & Efforts on strategies & programs that maximize the value created and return for the Members of the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce while working toward our mission and goals.

Create Value for Chamber Members through Effective Programs that provide timely & topical educational opportunities for business owners & key staff, networking to develop personal & professional relationships among members, and to advocate on behalf of business with decision makers at the local, provincial and national levels.

Partner with Individuals, Groups and Organizations that share our Vision, Goals and Interests. One and one do not make two…they make three or even more! The Chamber will achieve even greater results and success by working together with others at the local, provincial and national levels.

Develop Leadership. Our strength & resources come from our members and are entrusted in the hands of those members that are chosen to lead and govern the Chamber. Organizations never stand still…they are growing & expanding in strength and influence OR shrinking and contracting. Strong leadership will build on a solid foundation of past success and growth.

Measure the Chamber’s Success through the establishment of objective benchmarks. Benchmarking makes it possible to track our success and achievement in building a growing, prosperous community today and in the future.

The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven organization that provides value to our 1100+ members as a Place for Business to Meet, Learn & Speak. When a business joins the Chamber, they are supporting an effective and active organization that is working on their behalf:

     • Selling Sherwood Park & Strathcona County as a Place to Live, Work, and Invest…Everyday,

     • A Voice for Business Interests and Support for Free Enterprise,

     • Building business investment by working with others that share our passion and commitment.