Join the Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 International Women’s Day online workshop series!

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Workshops run March 8, 10 and 12 from 12-1 pm. We encourage attendees to shop local and order lunch to enjoy during the workshops!

Monday, March 8, 12-1 pm
Erica Thomas, MBA, Ec.D
Intertwining Strategy into your Business

Join us with Erica Thomas from Transitional Solutions Inc. as she takes guests through how to intertwine strategy into your business.

Topics include: Understanding and living your why, Building your strategy, Aligning strategy throughout your business & marketing plans.

Q&A to follow

Wednesday, March 10, 12-1 pm
Pauline Melnyk, CMP, CPHR, PCC, TICC, WFA
Building a Healthy and Productive Team

Join us with Pauline Melnyk, a Business Leader and Strategic Consultant in Organizational Change and Leadership Development, with over 20 years’ experience. As she guides us through how to build a healthy and productive team.

Q&A to follow

Friday, March 12, 12-1 pm
Keynote speaker Dr. Jody Carrington
Leadership and Compassion Fatigue

As we are expected to “do more with less” in this world of increasing disconnection, our employees are becoming more and more tired of giving. Some would say, however, that we are wired for com-passion and that you cannot tire of the things we are born to do. When our hearts get tired, it often happens when we are triggered by our own stories. When we have nowhere to put the hard stuff, we can’t do our jobs like we used to do. We can’t “show up” like we used to. And we start to wonder “what’s wrong with me?”. This happens because no one (seriously) can serve from an empty vessel. This talk is about how we need to (AND CAN) look after each other.

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