The Chamber of Commerce held a Town Hall with our Board of Directors, local business owners, and the RCMP in early November. The topic? How crime affects our businesses here in Strathcona County. Based on the feedback from the townhall, here are our top 5 FREE tools to protect your business here in Strathcona County.

1. Perform a free Risk Assessment with the RCMP

Specially-trained Peace Officers are available to visit your business and conduct audits free of charge. While there, officers will provide recommendations that can help improve the safety of your business, property, clients and staff. Some things a Peace Officer may assess include lighting, fencing, landscaping and maintenance.

Visit to find out how to set up a free risk assessment for your business with the RCMP.

2.  Partner up with Strathcona County Crime Watch’s Business Watch Program

Participating businesses have access to crime alerts and an open interactive relationship between the businesses and the police. Strathcona County Crime Watch is committed to improving the security and quality of living in our community. The focus of Business Watch is to educate companies in crime prevention strategies to help reduce crime.

The objective is to have as many businesses as possible aware of criminal or suspicious activity around us. The more well-informed eyes and ears there are in the community, the less likely illegal activity will occur. If a crime does occur, the more likely it will be solved successfully.

Join this Business Watch program at

3. Keep an eye on the Strathcona County Crime Map

The RCMP crime map provides residents with information about reported crimes in Strathcona County. Residents are encouraged to be an extra set of eyes and ears in the community by reporting suspicious activity to the police.

Bookmark this fantastic tool at

4. Partner up with volunteer eyes and ears in our community

Strathcona County Citizens on Patrol Society (SCCOPS) has 50+ active volunteers whose primary goal is to deter crime in Strathcona County.

Working with local RCMP, SCCOPS members patrol in groups of two throughout the County. SCCOPS covers schools, churches, community buildings, shopping centers and business areas. They look for suspicious persons or vehicles while at the same time ensuring the area is secure.  If they see something, they report it to the police who respond to the call.

If you would to reach out with SCCOPS to request that they keep an eye on your area or to volunteer with the organization, you can contact them at

5. Get to know your neighbouring business owners & staff

Reducing crime in your business community can be as easy as getting to know your neighbours! Share information about your routines, staff, and customers. Let them know if you go out of town. Keep an eye on suspicious activities and contact each other if you have any concerns. Be sure to meet up and share information with your neighbours.

Be sure to reevaluate and reassess your crime reduction strategy yearly to keep yourself, your staff, and property safe.

Do you have any tips for preventing crime you’d like to share with us? Use hashtag #SHPKChamber to share your ideas with us!