Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce Applauds Suncor’s Important New Low-Carbon Cogeneration Unit in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Sherwood Park, AB – May 29, 2023 – The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce was pleased to tour Suncor’s site in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and see the company’s important efforts to combat climate change. Suncor’s newest addition to the facility, a natural gas-powered cogeneration unit, will elevate the total power capacity from 750 megawatts (MW) to an impressive 800 MW. This enhancement is projected to remove the emissions equivalent of 550,000 cars from the road.

The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce recognizes the critical role that businesses play in driving sustainability initiatives and is committed to supporting and celebrating member companies leading the charge. Suncor’s advanced cogeneration unit aligns perfectly with the Chamber’s mission to promote sustainable business practices and encourage the adoption of clean energy solution while always keeping the economy strong and growing.

Suncor’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is commendable, and their investment in low-carbon technology highlights their dedication to creating a cleaner and more sustainable future. By converting their cogeneration unit from their traditional coker process to a low-carbon natural gas process Suncor is not only increasing their power capacity but also significantly decreasing their carbon footprint. Currently, the Suncor site uses approximately 350 MW of power, which means that Suncor will now have the capacity to export 450 MW of energy back to Alberta’s electricity grid, supporting a robust grid for all Albertans.

Todd Banks, Executive Director of the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce, expressed his enthusiasm for Suncor’s efforts, stating, “Suncor’s investment in low carbon technology is an exemplary demonstration of sustainable business practices and a testament to their dedication to reducing carbon emissions. We are proud to promote long-term members like Suncor who are leading the way towards a greener future. Their commitment to environmental stewardship sets a positive example for other businesses in our community and beyond.”

About the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce:
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Author: John Perozok, Policy Analyst at the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce.