Certificate of Origin document services are available to Chamber Members ONLY. There is a fee of $10 per 12 stamps.


As a matter of policy and for reasons of liability, the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce requires that all documents must be notarized before we will put our stamp on it. If documents have not been notarized, the client must ensure that this is done before the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce can proceed with certification.

Notarization is a process by which a lawyer etc. (i.e., someone who can take sworn statements) certifies from a person’s sworn statement that the facts described in her/his signed documents are true.

Notarization should be marked with an original legal seal, which is usually raised, dated and signed. Some notarization, however, is done with a stamp and is perfectly acceptable.

Letters of Waiver

Exporters that frequently have documents certified often find the notarization process costly and time consuming. An alternative to notarization of documents is through a letter of waiver obtained from the shipper (i.e., manufacturer or exporter) or her/his agent. The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce allows companies that are frequent users of our service to place a letter of waiver on file stating that they take responsibility for the documents that they present to us.

The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce has developed a letter of waiver to replace the need to notarize each and every certificate of origin. A letter of waiver will be sent to you when requested.

All letters of waiver should be:

  • submitted on the letterhead of the company concerned
  • dated
  • addressed to the Chamber or Board concerned
  • signed by a company officer
  • Notarized
  • periodically renewed every two years unless your contact information changes

Certification of Certificates of Origin

* Document must be notarized with signature and stamp (unless letter of waiver is on file).

Exporter must ensure that:

  • Name and address are included
  • Consignee’s name and address are included
  • Itemized merchandise matches that listed on invoice (if invoice is provided)
  • Country of origin is listed and matches that on invoice (if invoice is provided)
  • issued by a Canadian member company in English
  • If country of origin is other than Canada, certificate must indicate this
  • Place and date are provided
  • Company official has signed document
  • There is no presence of a “boycott” clause

*The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce can only certify Canadian certificates of origin.

The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce Cannot Certify the following documents (not an all-inclusive list):

  • Certificates of Origin relating to international trade agreements such as NAFTA
  • Certificates of Value (can be obtained from freight forwarders)
  • Certificates of Conformity
  • B13 (Canadian Automated Export Declaration)
  • Warranty Certificates
  • Certificates of Composition or Analysis (weights/materials, etc.)
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Certificates of Fumigation
  • Certificates of Free Sale
  • Confirmation of Price Lists
  • Documents issued by the federal or provincial/territorial governments
  • Documents issued by foreign entities (government, company, etc)
  • Documents with references to quality or human consumption
  • Letters of invitation (entry into Canada)
  • Personal documents (marriage/death certificates, divorce papers, etc.)
  • Documents with boycott clauses or inferring boycotting
  • Documents issued in a foreign language
  • Certificates of Applicable Legislation